Welcome to Olite Furniture Co., Ltd.


01:Authentic Material

Our pursuit of product quality is extremely stringent. Our products strictly comply with the current national and enterprise standards.

02:Exquisite Workmanship

Louvre furniture sofa is carefully designed by experienced designers, skilled craftsmen carve meticulously.

03:Reasonable Price

"Customer first, reputation first, quality first" service, dedicated to provide users with 360 degrees of all-round services.

04:Modern Design

We are based on the cutting-edge furniture design, scientific management and humanized service.

--------------Contact Us----------------

Head Store Address: Second Floor, Block B, Five Rows, Lecong International Private City, Foshan City
TEL:15818656866 / 0757-26183550

Q Q:1024250710

Branch Address: Row A1, 3rd Floor and Basement, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City
TEL:15818656866 / 0757-29838922
Fax:0757-29238477 / 0757-29838923
Q Q:1226264560 / 2365403100

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