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The Imperial Style of Classical Furniture has great potential for appreciation


Classical furniture not only represents a tradition, but also represents a culture, a taste and a style. In the inheritance history, the present classical furniture focuses more on the current life, aiming at the future appreciation potential. Therefore, the material is carefully selected, the design process is also excellence, pay attention to composition and artistic conception, in line with the aesthetic requirements of traditional culture, "poetry and painting", or ethereal elegance, or far-reaching artistic conception, even sculpture, not only focus on decoration, but also pursue its artistry.

However, in any case, the imperial temperament of classical furniture has always existed, especially European classical furniture, highlighting the strong imperial atmosphere.

Popular Trend King's Style of Poetry and Painting

Nowadays, classical furniture has gone to two extremes. One is to occupy the market commanding point with incomparable material, the other is to lead modern life with exquisite craftsmanship. With the increasing scarcity of all kinds of precious mahogany, one of the goals of further development of mahogany furniture industry is to make more furniture art works, requiring unique materials, exquisite craftsmanship, products with high artistic value, appreciation value and collection value. Especially Chinese antique furniture, not only to inherit the classics, but also to sublimate the home to art.

Do not think that mahogany furniture is a complete reproduction of old antiques, the market completely new design of mahogany furniture also has a high artistic value. They not only inherit traditional exquisite craftsmanship, but also convey a blend of traditional life style and modern life attitude. They are often redesigned according to modern people's aesthetics and living space pattern. Highly demanding shape and material, emphasizing and highlighting the cultural and artistic value of furniture, so that users'home in the overall style highlights the cultural atmosphere of the artistic conception of Chinese poetry and painting, highlighting the unique elegant taste.

European classical furniture is different, mostly in the continuation of Baroque and Rococo style, the basic prototype of royal and palace furniture, among which the most popular is the Baroque style, which can represent the strong monarchy, even the American classical furniture originated from the European style, but also inherited the tyranny of European classical furniture, just because the society is more democratic, and more rare freedom and harmony. Random.
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