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How to clean the leather sofahow to maintain it


The leather sofa has been honed and endured for a long time. It has been loved by people for its magnificent, luxurious and durable features. But how to clean the leather sofa? How to maintain the leather sofa? These headaches bother many people. In fact, it is not difficult to clean the leather sofa, and the maintenance of the leather sofa is not too profound. Today, Xiaobian will explain how to make his own leather sand "Zeze Shenghui" in the hot summer.

Before cleaning and maintaining the leather sofa, first of all, we should clarify the type of leather sofa at home. Jinkaisha Craft Master introduced that leather sofa is actually a generic term, pigskin, horseskin, donkey skin, cowhide can be used as raw materials for sofa. The leather of cattle is soft, thick and of the best quality. The grain of horsehide and donkey hide is similar to that of cattle hide, but the surface of cattle hide is green and loose. It is easy to peel off for a long time and is not durable, so the price is cheap. The Italian imported cowhide used in European classical furniture like Kinchasa is of the highest grade, higher cost, beautiful and durable, which is also incomparable with other leather.

Cleaning method of dermal sofa
Dermal sofa cleaning method 1: Dermal sofa has slight dirt, can use "furniture maintenance wax" direct cleaning care. Dermal sofa cleaning method 2: When the pollution of dermal sofa is serious, it not only loses its original luster, but also dirt infiltrates into the dermal pores. To clean these dirt, special steam engines and cleaning agents are needed to clean the sofa. When cleaning the sofa with a sofa steam engine, do an experiment in the invisible area to see if the cortex fades. If it fades, other methods must be used. Dermal sofa cleaning method 3: After cleaning, should give the sofa a layer of protective fluid, to prevent dirt Re-infiltration into the cortical capillary caused secondary pollution. Protective fluid is best to use soft wax for leather sofa, otherwise the cortex will harden and aging rapidly.

Leather sofa cleaning precautions: do not use water to scrub the leather sofa, long time will make the cortex hard, lose the soft feeling; also do not use cleaner to clean the sofa casually, one will make the cortex legs color; the other will make the cortex hard; once the sofa is dirty, must ask professional housekeeping cleaning company to clean and maintain.

Maintenance method of dermal sofa
Skin sofa maintenance method 1: The key to the maintenance of leather sofa is the breathing of leather, so it is necessary to clean regularly to keep the pores on the leather surface from being blocked by dust. And don't always keep indoor ventilation too dry or wet will accelerate the aging of leather. Skin sofa maintenance method 2: To avoid direct sunlight on the sofa, such as the living room often sunshine, may wish to adjust the position of several sofas at intervals to prevent obvious color difference; if the humidity is high, you can use the weak sunlight from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning for seven days, one hour a day, about three months to do. Skin sofa maintenance method 3: In order to prolong service life and avoid children jumping and playing on the sofa, sweat body can not directly contact with the sofa.
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