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Six Furniture TrendsMilan Furniture Fair


1. Blue to pure, sapphire blue streamlined pipeline sofa, simple geometric three-dimensional tea table, soft and warm cushioned seat, modern furniture presents a concise supremacy design concept.

2. Red enthusiasm, red lips sofa is like taking the responsibility of seducing the owner, and the red bookcase is the cross-shaped bookshelf design in disorder and orderly concept, breaking the long-standing bookcase that silk tight form, red enthusiasm and thick honey, enriching the warmth of the home, conquering the entire indoor.

3. Colorful life, soft sofa color is not rigid, more bold colors are put into it, this is the use of Himalayan hand-made wool materials, it is time for the trend of color integration back to furniture.

4. Garden mind, for the family of European and American life, the existence of the balcony courtyard is one of the requirements of the hostess for the family living environment. A small piece of world can let you go home and relax willfully, which is enriched by these reclining chairs and tea seats. Wire woven rocking chair, light tea table with retro design.

5. Silhouette lamp, pendant lamp with soft wings, is made of thin steel plate, glass visual spray paint, such a light furniture, with the vigorous development of portable furniture, will inevitably become the trend of furniture purchase in new cities.
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