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Furniture original design is highly praisedwill become a breakthroughfurniture industry


In recent years, many furniture manufacturers in China have paid attention to introducing advanced international concepts such as green environment protection and "people-oriented", breaking through the technical barriers set up by some importing countries, and even exceeding their foreign counterparts in production equipment and technology. However, they still rely on "imported products" in furniture research and design, and some enterprises even copy and copy other people's works, which is not only a direct reflection. The originality of Chinese furniture restricts the increase of added value of export products, and is not conducive to the cultivation of its own brand.

Facing the challenge of the international market to the original design of China, a few domestic enterprises take the lead in action. Recently, Vice Chairman Che Jianfang, a well-known domestic retailer, proposed to invest 50 million yuan annually to support China's original design. Once the news came out, it attracted great attention in the industry.

Furniture Fair emphasizes the originality of design

March is the exhibition season of Guangdong furniture industry. Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan furniture exhibitions will appear successively. With a long history, rich experience and mature exhibition mode, the three major furniture exhibitions in Guangdong have won considerable fame and reputation in the industry.

At present, personalized design of home is more and more popular. It has become the consensus of the whole industry to improve the design ability of home industry and change the situation from "Made in China" to "Created in China". As one of the representatives of Guangdong Furniture Fair, the 27th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair has emphasized the originality of the furniture industry for many years.

The Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition has a theme exhibition hall of "Design Big Egg", which specializes in displaying original designs of designers at home and abroad. This year's exhibition will bring top modern design brands from Milan and the Netherlands to showcase the creative power of art works for visitors. At the same time, the exhibition also has a representative of American luxury brand display, and many famous designers to in-depth and visitors to analyze and discuss contemporary design trends and trends.

Starting from three aspects to improve the design level of the industry

At present, the level of original design needs to be strengthened urgently, which has become the consensus of the industry. How to reverse the current situation of the industry, Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition officials believe that we can start from three aspects to improve the design level of the furniture industry.

First of all, we should improve the level and accomplishment of designers. The industry pointed out that designers need to be open-minded, not original for the sake of originality. Learning methods and broadening horizons are the primary lessons for designers.

Zhao Cedar, a well-known designer in China, told reporters that at present most domestic designers are led by the market, copying foreign designs, and seriously lack the ability of self-innovation. Designers need to take the initiative to understand the situation of China's home market, and understand the consumer's demand points.

Secondly, the government, enterprises and media need to support the original design to provide a good communication platform and development environment for the original design. Original design needs not only design, but also the participation of enterprises and society. Because if we want to turn original design into products and really realize industrialization, we need the support of science and technology, technology, capital and other aspects.
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