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Strengthening Intellectual Property Awareness of Furniture Industry


In order to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in furniture industry, enhance the awareness and skills of enterprises in protecting intellectual property rights, crack down on infringement and curb the trend of "infringement and piracy" in furniture industry, with the support of Zhongshan Intellectual Property Bureau, Zhongshan Copyright Bureau and Dayong Town People's Government of Zhongshan City, Zhongshan Redwood Furniture Industry Intellectual Property Alliance and Guangdong Lawyers Association Inte On April 28, the Professional Committee of Rights and the Zhongshan Lawyers Association solemnly held the Forum on Intellectual Property Protection in Furniture Industry in the Government Auditorium of Dayong Town, Zhongshan City. More than 200 representatives of furniture enterprises and law firms in Zhongshan participated in the forum.

This forum invites Vice President Ou Xiuping of Intellectual Property Court of Guangdong Provincial Higher People's Court, Vice President Lian Tiancheng of Intellectual Property Court of Zhongshan Intermediate People's Court, Judge Yu Chunhui of Intellectual Property Court of Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court and Chen Xiaoliang of Patent Re-examination Committee of State Intellectual Property Office to judge infringement of furniture patent disputes, "Judicial Protection of Furniture Brands" and "Discussing Furniture Patent Application and Protection from Patent Reexamination and Invalidation" explained the application of intellectual property rights in furniture industry and how to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises with intellectual property rights. There was a warm atmosphere in the venue, and many delegates put forward relevant issues for interactive exchanges with the four experts.

Huang Dongwei, president of Zhongshan Lawyers Association, pointed out that enterprises should establish a sound intellectual property protection system and strengthen the daily management of intellectual property rights, which is more conducive to safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests and achieving twice the result with half the effort. For example, with appropriate personnel, including intellectual property managers and R&D personnel, through appropriate incentive and restraint mechanisms, intellectual property rights from R&D to rights registration to rights protection are tracked by a dedicated person. We should improve the archives management and confidentiality system, establish research and development archives, and prevent the loss of knowledge achievements before they come out.

Xie Qiaoming, a member of the Party Committee of Dayong Town, pointed out that the successful holding of the forum in Dayong Town had a profound impact on the mahogany furniture industry of Dayong. From Dayong Manufacturing to Dayong Creation, from ancient inheritance to independent innovation, intellectual property rights played a key role. Dayong Town will continue to support and encourage enterprises to innovate independently and develop more new products.

Dong Cai, deputy director of Zhongshan Intellectual Property Bureau, pointed out that the protection of intellectual property rights should be perfected in terms of mechanism and system, as well as industrialization and property rights, so as to further improve the competitive environment of the market and protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and creators.
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