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European furniture is an important element of European style decoration, with Italian, French, British and Spanish style furniture as the main representative. Pay attention to hand-made fine cutting and carving. Among them, British furniture is good at hand-carving. France and Italy are the originators of furniture in the world. They are good at inlaying fine workshops, mostly in the form of handicraft workshops. The outlines and turning points are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or surfaces, and decorated with gold-plated bronze ornaments, imitation leather, etc. The structure is concise, the lines are smooth, the colors are rich, the sense of art is strong, giving people a sense of wholeness. Jue is noble and elegant, very solemn.

European style decoration. The wind grid become more and more people choose to pursue the taste of life, if not the whole decoration like European style lattice, some families also love two exotic furniture placed in the home purchase. However, due to the obvious characteristics of European furniture shape, spatial distribution of large, small collocation wallpaper, chandeliers, decorative painting and have higher requirements, the owners fail to grasp the method easy to fall into the soil, the soil is not Yang Yang "embarrassing situation. European furniture generally refers to the European classical furniture or European style neo classical furniture. Some European ancient code furniture before is the European aristocracy dedicated, high-end products, noble and elegant style, with strong European classical culture, has become a classic.

From the perspective of creating atmosphere, European style furniture or solemn grand, emphasized the rational pursuit of harmonious and peaceful, decorative or romantic, and non rational infinite fantasy, dramatic and passion. In the numerous furniture style, it is a symbol that can best reflect the owner of noble taste of life.

European furniture timber species, are common with wood, beech wood, teak, oak, walnut wood, like wood, mahogany and other materials. In the furniture market, the real European furniture is not much, a large number of domestic brands are used in wood frame, plus the density board, made of precious wood veneer or mold way.

True European style furniture, such as the European furniture brand Saitewei that emphasize the overall decorative effect, completely pure solid wood, either back, side cabinet or drawer, drawer guide board, even are made of pure wood, not doping any man-made board or other miscellaneous, is 100% made of pure solid wood the European furniture brand. These exquisite sculptures of safe furniture are elegant and noble in appearance, full of artistic charm, mellow as poems and exquisite as works of art.
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