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A living room


European decoration style has become the choice of more and more people who pursue taste of life. Even if they can not decorate the European style as a whole, some families also like to choose and buy two furniture with exotic style at home. However, due to the obvious shape characteristics of European furniture, there are higher requirements for the layout of space, wallpaper, chandeliers, decorative paintings and so on. Owners who can not grasp Famen are apt to fall into the embarrassing situation of "no soil, no foreign land". European furniture generally refers to European classical furniture or European neoclassical furniture. European classical furniture used to be used exclusively by European aristocrats. It has become a classic with its high-grade style, noble and elegant products and strong European classical culture.

From the perspective of creating atmosphere, European furniture either pursues grandeur, emphasizes rational harmony and tranquility, or pursues the decorative nature of romanticism, as well as irrational infinite fantasy, full of drama and passion. Among many furniture styles, it is the symbol that best reflects the noble life taste of the owner.

There are many kinds of European furniture materials, such as teak, beech, oak, walnut, mahogany and so on. In the furniture market, there are not many real European furniture. A large number of domestic brands adopt solid wood frames, plus density boards, precious wood veneers or reverse moulding.

True European furniture, such as British European furniture brand Setvina emphasizes the overall decorative effect. It is made entirely of solid wood. Whether it is the backboard of cabinet, side board, drawer board, or even the guide of drawer, it is made of pure solid wood. No artificial board or other miscellaneous wood is mixed with it. It is a European furniture brand made of 100% solid wood. These exquisite sculptures of safe furniture are elegant and noble in appearance, full of artistic charm, mellow as poems and exquisite as works of art.
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